Marijuana Hair Drug Test

July 10, 2018

When facing a drug test, but even the weakest toke can wreak havoc. Those who have to take drug tests should consider a preliminary test before the actual one. Unless its random, you can be out of luck. Yet, there is one type of test that is specially made for these times. Here’s a guide to help you should you have to go through the ordeal anytime soon according to High Times online.

Some of the stupidest things people do to attempt passing a drug test!

The ominous test. The thought of a random test when you are on the job or because of a probation/parole meeting can cause those stress and/or anxiety. When not a regular user, taking it lightly is the norm. If an avid user, then the regret can filter through rather quickly. If you are having a hair test check out this article on how to pass a hair follicle drug test for marijuana. You will be taught how to cleanse your hair of drugs.

There are ways people have attempted (successfully) to pass a test by appointment. It’s those random drug tests people need to know how to do. How to pass a drug test can be expensive depending on how and what you do. You can buy the tests from a well-known company who manufacturers them or try a hack-like drug test which can “sometimes” work, but also fail.

1. Chemicals used for cleansing the body, not!

To change the composition of a bodily fluid with chemicals isn’t a smart thing to do. It’s a myth to think that solvents of household products or items may be thought of as a definite way to attack the cannabis chemicals. Ingestion of any type of chemical is harmful.

2. Drinking bleach or drain cleaner

This is another common chemical which some users believe may help cleanse your body. It’ll clean it out of sight is what it’ll do! There are plenty of other options on how to pass using Test Clear on Don’t drink bleach, nor drain cleaner to do this type of feat. It’s kind of a “dumb” thought even to discuss, but the label of these two will tell you why not to drink them; look at the ingredients, duh!

3. Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water is great when your running because you are sweating out while your replenishing. Drinking loads of it because you want to keep “pissing” or “peeing” is another story. It can actually harm you physically when you drink too much water. So watch out for this myth. It’s okay to drink a gallon, but don’t overdo it because it is not true that this will cleanse your body from the cannabis properties. Bleach will burn your esophagus and the stomach lining. This obviously will cause you to have major health issues. Toxic chemicals will not cleanse your body from weed, period!…

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CRACK Hair Test – Pass it.

July 8, 2018

Hair test for Crack

Although not so popular, the hair test tests any drug substances entering the body through the scalp (that is, through the scalps blood vessels). Many times hair filters may keep drug substances and hence make it easy for somebody’s hair to be used for a test. The test involves some strands of hair being taken from the area close to the crown. Mostly the minimum hair requirement needed for the test is 1.5 to 2 inches. If the head is shaved then chest or underarm hair can be used. One of the things that makes hair tests dangerous is that traces of drugs can take significantly longer in your hair than any other part of your body. While many drugs take a week or so in the body, it is not unlikely to test positive for a drug test months after the last time you took drugs.

2. Be familiar with the drugs being tested for

For many organizations, the drugs usually tested for are;

• THC; this includes all marijuana-related products. That is cannabinoids, hash, marijuana and cannabis.

• Phencyclidine; also known as PCP or angel dust

• Cocaine; also known as coke or crack

• Amphetamines; also known as meth, crank or speed.

• Opiates which include opium, codeine, heroin and morphine.

3. Be familiar with how long each drug stays in the body

The length at which a drug stays in the body varies. For marijuana, the drug may last up to two months if you’re a moderate to heavy user. It all depends on the body’s reaction with the drug. Other factors that contribute to how long a drug lasts in the body include; body metabolism, body weight, drug use frequency and potency of the drugs used. On average, majority of people take 30 to 50 days to be completely clean. In the occurrence that you smoked once with a friend at the end of the week and have a test the following week, the drug will be in your body for two days at most. Most of the other hard drugs can take up to months depending on the potency.…

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