Marijuana Hair Drug Test

July 10, 2018

When facing a drug test, but even the weakest toke can wreak havoc. Those who have to take drug tests should consider a preliminary test before the actual one. Unless its random, you can be out of luck. 

Some of the stupidest things people do to attempt passing a drug test!

The ominous test. The thought of a random test when you are on the job or because of a probation/parole meeting can cause those stress and/or anxiety.

There are ways people have attempted (successfully) to pass a test by appointment. It’s those random drug tests people need to know how to do. How to pass a drug test can be expensive depending on how and what you do. You can buy the tests from a well-known company who manufacturers them or try a hack-like drug test which can “sometimes” work, but also fail.

3. Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water is great when your running because you are sweating out while your replenishing. Drinking loads of it because you want to keep “pissing” or “peeing” is another story. It can actually harm you physically when you drink too much water. So watch out for this myth. It’s okay to drink a gallon, but don’t overdo it because it is not true that this will cleanse your body from the cannabis properties. Bleach will burn your esophagus and the stomach lining. This obviously will cause you to have major health issues. Toxic chemicals will not cleanse your body from weed, period!

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